Wheel Widener Kits

For Clodbuster / Juggernaut

Adds 3/4" or 1 1/4" overall width to Clodbuster / Bullhead and Juggernauts.

Requires no drilling or modification to wheels.

Allows for tighter turning radius by moving tires away from 4-link bars.

Kit includes 4 widener bodies, 4 long reach nuts and lock washers.

part # DEL-CB01 $45.00 (3/4")(19mm) out of stock

part # DEL-CB02b $30.00 (1 1/4")(32mm)

works with any Clod / Jug or TXT-1 wheels with 5 pin mounts

(will not work with most aftermarket aluminum wheels)


For TXT-1:

part # DEL-TXT01 $45.00 (3/4")(19mm)


For TLT-1:

part # DEL-TLT01 $45.00 (adds 1 3/16") (30mm)

For AX10 or Wheely King:

part # DEL-AX01 $45.00 (adds 1 3/16") (30mm)


Can be used with 12mm hex aluminum Clod wheels

12mm to 12 mm hex widener kits will work on Wheely King,  E-Stampede, High lift, AX10, Wild Dagger and many more vehicles.