Monster Truck



Monster Truck promo

trading cards



Trading cards produced by LEESLEY in 1989, this series of

monster truck cards was only available for a short time.

These were handed out at TNT Motor Sports shows.

These promo packs are the last of their kind & will never

be made again. Each pack contains 5 assorted cards of

notable trucks such as: Grave Digger, Big Foot, Taurus, Mad Dog,

Wild Hair, Black Stallion & the Virginia Beach Beast to name a few.


10 packs (50 cards) $10.00

20 packs (100 cards) $15.00

50 packs (250 cards) $40.00


Big Foot

trading cards


These Big Foot trading cards were released in 1988.

The series has 100 different card in it. Each pack has 5 cards.

A full box has 50 packs or 250 cards.

Limited quantities so order quickly.


10 packs (50 cards) $10.00

20 packs (100 cards) $15.00

1 box (250 cards) $40.00


Grave Digger & Invader

Temporary Tattoos




Promotional temporary tattoos from the

Monster Wars TV show of the early 1990's.

The tattoos have the Grave Digger or Invader logo

as well as the US Hot Rod Association logo.

These are very rare & are a must for any monster truck fan.


20 tattoos (10 of each) $10.00


Grave Digger hatpin


Grave Digger hatpin measures 1 1/2" x 3/4".

They were made available only to members of the Grave Digger fan club.

Limited quantities available.


1 pin $5.00



Grave Digger

Window decal



Grave Digger decal. Great for windows or other smooth surfaces.

Limited quantities.

1 sticker $5.00


Grave Digger sticker



Limited release paper Grave Digger sticker that were

sold only at TNT Motor Sports shows.

It measures 4" x 3".


1 sticker $5.00