The Diamondback Cage Kit

(Sorry, no longer available)

This inovative Rollcage system has been designed to mount

on any stock electric Stampede chassis.

This kit turns the mild into WILD,

by suppling the structure that protects the electronics,

fully supports the body, & it provides a super strong platform

for Thunder Tech's new adjustable shock mount system.

The adjustable shock mount system offers three shock mounting locations.

This allows the use of longer shocks or a change in ride height.

And if that's not enough to make you go buck wild, wait there's more.

I hope you're sitting down, because this kit was designed to

accept Thunder Tech's Rear Cantilever System.


Diamondback Rear Cantilever Kit

Features of the Diamondback cage kit include:

click on image for closeup view

Diamondback Cage kit Carbon Fiber 

part # Dia-Back-02 $144.95

Diamondback Cage kit  G-10 Fiberglass

part # Dia-Back-02S $120.00

If you are adding a Diamondback to an Outlaw chassis you also need to order the:

Truss Rail Kit part# DEL-DB01 $12.50

(this kit fastens the Outlaw to the Diamondback)

Optional upgrades:

Outlaw Chassis Kit Carbon Fiber (replaces stock chassis tub) Pics Outlaw-01 $125.00
Outlaw Chassis Kit G-10 Fiberglass (replaces stock chassis tub) Pics Outlaw-01S $75.00
Rear cantilever kit (includes bushings & mounting hardware kit) Pics Dia-Back 01 $45.00
Diamondback Front Sway Bar Kit  Kit includes sway bar, 2 link bars, and hardware kit   Pics Dia-Back 21 $12.50
Diamondback Rear Sway Bar kit Kit includes sway bar, 2 link bars, and hardware kit   Pics Dia-Back 22 $12.50
Associated shock kit 1.02"(3 1/2" overall) (price includes cups & adjusters)  Pics ASD-S1.02 $25.00
Associated shock kit 1.32" (4" overall)(price includes cups & adjusters)  Pics ASD-S1.32 $25.00
Team Losi lexan class 8 desert truck body / with window masks & decals. Pics Losi #1 $24.00


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