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Short Course Pro-2wd

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The Outlaw now has a meaner brother!

Low CG Chassis kits for the Traxxas Slash, Standard or Pro!

(fits Rustler / Stampede with additional parts)

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Introducing the Outlaw Pro kit!

Turn a fun truck into a real racer.

            1.9" Bead-lock wheels are now in stock! See it here!
New: 3/4" shorter MIP center drive shaft for AX10s with dig units installed. Also fits available for stock Highlift /Hilux. TXT-1, Twin Force, Wheely King. Go to crawler page for more info.

Clodbuster/TXT-1 CVD Axle

( out of stock )

Clodbuster/ TXT-1 Straight Axle

(out of stock)

Clodbuster Rage Chassis Clodbuster Ripper Pro Chassis

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Crush car bodies (currently out of stock)

$15.00 each (discounts when ordering 10+













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